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Fundamentals of Initiation in Thelema


Fundamentals of Initiation in Thelema

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


In Thelema, the term «initiation» is used often and in varying ways. This essay is intended to elucidate the basic meaning and fundamentals of initiation, especially in the context of spiritual system of Thelema.

Basic definition: «Initiation» essentially refers to the path of spiritual progress of every individual. The «path of initiation» is synonymous with other terms such as «the path of attainment» or «the quest for enlightenment.» It is sometimes called the Great Work, or «climbing the Tree of Life,» or simply «the Path.»

Along the path, one reaches various «degrees» of initiation which can be construed as certain levels of insight or understanding or simply certain shifts in one’s awareness that move progressively from the ignorance of the mundane view of self and the world to the «initiated» or enlightened view. These «degrees» of initiation refer strictly to an…

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