Evocation of ANODOIN

consciousness of the continuity of existence

An oldie but goodie, written back in the 90’s. 

Evocation of ANODOIN

An evocation of ANODOIN, Mercury Senior
of the Great Southern Quadrangle of Fire

[The ritual is to be performed during the course of the Tejas tattva; that is, 48 minutes after sunrise (or in 2 hour increments after that time). The day should be Mercurii, or alternatively dies Solis. Luna should be full, or waxing.

Let the magician be robed as for his grade. At the center of the Temple is the black cubical altar, with Liber AL vel Legis placed at the center, and the Triangle with the Cross surmounting it on top. Also on the altar are the Censor and Incense, some coals, and the Cup of Purification, properly prepared. Incense should be Olibanum, or some similar fiery odour. To the South of the Temple is the Enochian Watchtower of Fire hanging from a stand, with…

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Interview With Mystic Gregory Peters On Crowley, Grant, and His Work With Legend Phyllis Seckler

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The Art of Ninzuwu

The legendary and insightful Gregory Peters  meets up with the Dark Knight
The legendary and insightful Gregory Peters meets up with the Dark Knight

Recently, I had the honor to talk with Gregory Peters. He is a Thelemite, a devotee of the Great Goddess, and has been a student of Eastern and Western systems of attainment for over 20 years, holding various offices in western esoteric groups, and is an initiated tantrik in Hindu and Buddhist lineages. I ould like to take this time to welcome Mr. Peters to the Papers in the Attic family. How are you?

Gregory Peters: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Thank you for asking to discuss the Work. It is always a pleasure to share in our ongoing research and expeditions into the vast realms of consciousness. Below are your questions and my responses. If anything requires more clarification or details, please let me know.

Warlock Asylum: It is an honor indeed to…

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The Eighteenth Letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing

The Art of Ninzuwu

The Eighteenth Letter of Genghis Khan to the Magicians of the Yi Jing:

It is the work of the Fool, like the baby that feeds from its mother’s breast. It is the work of the Fool. And the Fool will reach the Mountain of all that he has sacrificed to reach the Path of Knowing. When he has arrived at the foot of the Mountain, he will hear the voice of the wind giving him certain instructions. Above all, he must begin cleaning up the things that he has sacrificed on the journey, which is now the Mountain itself.

Be careful. It is a very difficult way of cleaning. It is ridding the mind of all the things that have caused us to be infatuated with ourselves. The Fool carries all the tools of the Magician. He thinks that he is a Magician because he has traveled on the journey for…

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Wicca Celtibera

puente tablas jaén foto_recinto

¿Qué no hubiera cambiado entre los modernos develadores anglosajones de la Wicca, de saber sobre la existencia del Santuario jiennense de Puente Tablas? Es probable que muy poco, lo se, por desgracia no hablamos de “Tables bridge”.

Es casi tan curiosa la reacción de sorpresa de los propios arqueólogos, como el silencio entre la Comunidad Pagana tras el hallazgo de un Templo dedicado a una Diosa de la Fecundidad (Lunar) y a un Dios Solar (Fertilidad) en la Europa “profunda”, en la que sólo lo que viene de fuera y en inglés es genuino, en la de los sempiternos aprendices de todo, siempre humillados y siempre humillantes, la España de los servicios -léase lacayos-… pero solo casi, porque hay que tener el cuajo bien templado para no leer y divulgar en grandes titulares urbi et orbi uno de los hallazgos más fulminantes, no solo de la arqueología sino de…

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Thelemic Culture Update: October 2013

2nd Century Thelema

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence:
    • Program #46 of Speech in the Silence with “NOTOCON IX Opening Remarks” by Lon DuQuette, the fourth part of “The Four Weapons of the True Magician” by IAO131, “NOTOCON IX Address” by Grand Master Sabazius X°, the fifth part of “The Integrated Magical Life” by Lon DuQuette and music by “Through the Second” [Speech in the Silence]
  • Joseph Thiebes on Thelema: Joseph Thiebes was interviewed on the “Where Did the Road Go?” program where they discuss Thelema, magick, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and much more. [YouTube]
  • Best of the Equinox, Volume III: Sex Magick: The Best of the Equinox Vol 3 is now available, and includes works by Aleister Crowley such as The Gnostic Mass, Energized Enthusiasm, Liber A’ash, Liber Chath…

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