Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter V

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema

Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal


Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


  1. Ah! my Lord Adonai, that dalliest with the Magister in the Treasure-House of Pearls, let me listen to the echo of your kisses.

Adonai dallies with the Magister in Binah, “they“ are married through the path of Zain, and right through that path Adept receives qui-vering of kisses of Love which he is listening to.

Ah! is the exclamation of losing oneself at one moment of realization – it refers to the moment of disconnection from the “environment,» focusing on the polarity that unites – in Kether.


  1. Is not the starry heaven shaken as a leaf at the tremulous rapture of your love? Am not I the flying spark of light whirled away by the great wind of your perfection?

The starry heaven is Chokmah; this “sphere“ receives exceptional influences arising from the…

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Argenteum Astrum

The A∴A∴ is certainly not, neither will ever be a Thelemic order, but a pan-æonic, all-pervading, omnipresent. Like cosmic void, in which there is neither morning nor dusk, its spreading is not framed by the loom of time nor space. Moreover, its movement is always as its nature is everywhere. The Dawn of the New Æon will never experience its afternoon as long as we proclaim it as New.

Argenteum Astrum

On Thelemic revisions of the Rituals of the Pentagram and the Hexagram, including the Rituals of the Star Ruby, Liber V vel Reguli, Liber Samekh, and the Star Sapphire.

To follow on from my previous articles on the Rituals of the Pentagram and the Rituals of the Hexagram, I will here discuss the Thelemic revisions of these Rituals created by the Master Therion. Thelemic revisions of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram: As I have stated in my examination of the Pentagram Rituals, many […]

On Thelemic revisions of the Rituals of the Pentagram and the Hexagram, including the Rituals of the Star Ruby, Liber V vel Reguli, Liber Samekh, and the Star Sapphire.

Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter IV

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema



Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


  1. O crystal heart! I the Serpent clasp Thee; I drive home mine head into the central core of Thee, O God my beloved.

Lord, my beloved! Thou depth of my heart, who is in me, as much as I am in the heart of yours. The balanced Sphinx arouses the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Kether – now in the sphere of Fire, Adonai “addresses” to the Adept, defining Himself as the Serpent (32 paths of the Tree of Life, Teth – the Lust and Kundalini, NehuShTaN); the crystal heart is the carrier of Hadit, wrapped Serpent is the appearance of Nuit; its head (of Dragon – Cauda Draconis) is the “knot” which is the relation of the Circle and Point; Adonai declares the Divine nature which is from Adept.


  1. Even…

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Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter III

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema



Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


  1. Verily and Amen! I passed through the deep sea, and by the rivers of running water that abound therein, and I came unto the Land of No Desire.

Where the sea is deep and where the rivers are wild, there is desire. Allusions to passing through the City of the Pyramids.

Sea, water and rivers are the vastness of the Flows of the living Pra-Nu that makes the Universe. Passing through all these “worlds” and spheres, he comes beyond Everything – beyond the Watery nature, to the state of No Desire – Nothing/AIN.

Amen – Kether.

  1. Wherein was a white unicorn with a silver collar, whereon was graven the aphorism Linea viridis gyrat universa.

Chokmah – Stellar Unicorn – each Star has one “horn,” one Force, one True Will, and unique Nature, each connected…

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Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter II

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema

Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal 3Jose Gabriel Alegría


Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


  1. I passed into the mountain of lapis-lazuli, even as a green hawk between the pillars of turquoise that is seated upon the throne of the East.

Crystal clear awareness, as a true nature of Adept.

The initiation mountain is in a heavenly blue color, which reflects Adonai. He is the green hawk, green as air and active like the hawk; in the East where the throne of the Sun, the Provider of Illumination, between the pillars of polarity. The Adept is “in shape” of the green hawk, the most sacred shape of air, and therefore in the image of the Sun that controls the world from the East (the place where the Sun is “born”).


  1. So came I to Duant, the starry abode, and I heard voices crying aloud.


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Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter I

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema

Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal 2Jose Gabriel Alegría


Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


1. I am the Heart; and the Snake is entwined
About the invisible core of the mind.
Rise, O my snake! It is now is the hour
Of the hooded and holy ineffable flower.
Rise, O my snake, into brilliance of bloom
On the corpse of Osiris afloat in the tomb!
O heart of my mother, my sister, mine own,
Thou art given to Nile, to the terror Typhon!
Ah me! but the glory of ravening storm
Enswathes thee and wraps thee in frenzy of form.
Be still, O my soul! that the spell may dissolve
As the wands are upraised, and the aons revolve.
Behold! in my beauty how joyous Thou art,
O Snake that caresses the crown of mine heart!
Behold! we are one, and the tempest of years

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Book of the Heart girt with a Serpent

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema


What has to be told openly here is that the Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent can be everything that an Aspirant of the Golden Dawn would ever need, and all the tasks and instructions of our Order are only pale echoes of its verses. A book that at the same time consumes all the meaning of Aspirant’s search, from the Probationer to Adeptus Minor, indexed under the number LXV, is the light to which all Aspirants return equally, and is specifically assigned to the Grade of the Probationer. In fact, this book is not written, for it is remembrance of a light that once appears to the merciful one, it is like a pure LVX, which permuted makes the number of this book, like permuted light, refracted light that portrays a new world with completely new colors, equally false as real. For in the world of the…

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Another letter to the Probationer

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema


Probationer advances in his authenticity as much as in his mistakes, the Probationer is inclined to himself and to his way only, and in this self-sufficiency he finds further progress. He advances further until he finds himself on the shore of the great ocean, stranded in the City of the Pyramids. As he advances, he watches his sun-boat and all his own washed and lost in the water of the great ocean, like the aquarelle of Self. As millions of years advance and disperse every atom of his being, dissolving him in the mass of a monotonous empty ocean, everything that remains will be that progress, going forward, endlessly forwards, without form, without body or self, for no reason nor cause. This quiet, impersonal progression is all that the A∴A∴ is.

As the Probationer progresses further through his Grade, encountering various Eastern and Western thoughts, theories and practices, he must…

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Treatise on astral plane and rising on the planes

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema

One thing is to achieve astral projection, the other is how long you can stay there. But I have to admit, it is a sweet trouble, once when you find yourself in. The correct analogy would be a comparison between astral projection and the Internet. For the first few times you will google the terms like “how your house looks from above”, or “flying through the clouds”, “experience floating in deep space”, “lunar and planetary landscapes”, etc. But sooner or later, you will become saturated with that. As you gain more experience, you will find yourself doing more and more senseless things. And then you will encounter something that is called Alice’s effect. That effect is actually an insertion of the viral program from your own higher consciousness into the operating system, which was built over your reality, or at least you prefer to call it a reality. As…

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A letter to one Probationer

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema

austria veliko 2

«Dear Brother,

correspondence between you and Victor made me write you earlier than I planned. For some time I have been designing a quality group work to revive and engage our Kaaba. All this comes from my need and desire for group work that I currently miss in my progress (at least that’s the way I see it), and from the fact that our last conversation about Kaaba ended with your expectation on me to launch a further course of things.

What I’ve learned from yours correspondence will not affect that, when I think of what we can do, I will suggest it. Therefore, expect in the future my letter or invitation. Of course, we will do this only if it suits you, and each of your proposals is more than desirable.

I have only one complaint on the work of this Kaaba, which I am also a member…

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Therion Ritual

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema


Frater Alion

The battery in the centre of the chest: «6-6-6»; give the L.V.X. signs. The first movement can be identical as in «Preliminary Invocation of Babalon».

Another option is:

Brow: «CHAOS!»
Heart: «JAHBULON!»
Sex. centre: «IO PHALLOS!»
Left shoulder: «BABALON!»
Right shoulder: «BAPHOMETH!»
Cross hands in the centre of c.: «IAO SOL-OM-ON! AN EL HAQQ!»

The second movement:

Facing Boleskine: draw the Heptagram of the Beast; Enterer: «THERION!»; the sign of Silence.
Moving with the sun perform the same on other corners.

Reaching Boleskine, generate the energy in the sexual centre (pointing with both thumbs in «fig» clench): «VIAOV!» Rising hands movement; Heart: «ABRAHADABRA!»; brow: «ON!»; Give the sign of A.&T. («V» sign) say: «FIAT LVX!» Swiftly hit the centre of c. and again rising hands to skies: «TO MEGA THERION!»

Cross the hands in the sign of O.rissen: «IO PHALLOS!»

Final notice by Fr. A.:


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On relationship between the Student and the Superior

Frater 273 | Reflections on Thelema


The relationship between the Student and the Superior does not represent teaching, but rather associating, like an attempt to explain the smell of a rose when the Student has never smelled anything of that kind before. So, how to do that? How to suggest the scent of these beautiful roses from the garden? Why are they so beautiful if it is not a visual idea at all? How does a rose smell, describe it by words? By giving him a suggestion that they smell like what? Is every attempt to do so equally wrong, diverging him more from the goal? The relation between the Student and the Superior is, therefore, the art of association, not transmission or teaching. There is nothing to teach what is not already known. Instead, the Superior remains only to show to the Student the ideal place where he could maybe find a rose for himself…

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Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni CLVI

The Holy Books of Babalon

  1. This is the secret of the Holy Graal, that is the sacred vessel of our Lady the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, the bride of Chaos, that rideth upon our Lord the Beast.
  2. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication.
  3. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop.
  4. Then shall thy brain be dumb, and thy heart beat no more, and all thy life shall go from thee; and thou shalt be cast out upon the midden, and the birds of the air shall feast upon thy flesh, and thy bones shall whiten in the sun.
  5. Then shall the winds gather themselves together, and bear thee up as it were a little heap of dust in a sheet that hath four corners, and they shall give it unto the guardians…

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The Rosicrucians and the Alchemists: by Florence Farr

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

Originally published in The Occult Review, 1908, v7 May p259.

Florence Farr

A LEGEND arose in the time of the Lutheran outburst of a mysterious master called Christian Rosenkreutz, who was buried for a period of all years in the central cavern of the earth. His shrine was seven-sided, and all the symbols of the universe were said to have been found disposed round him in this place. The Egyptian tradition of Seker, the god in the central cavern of the Duat, evidently found an echo in the heart of the inventor of this legendary father 01 mysteries, and it will be interesting to try and discern the meanings of the main symbols of the Rosenkreutz legends in Egypt and in Germany.

The Egyptian Duat, or Underworld, was represented by a five-foldstar, or star of five radiations, enlarging as they receded from the centre, and therefore not bearing the…

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Further Adventures in Ma’at Magick

The Blog of Baphomet

In my last post I touched upon the inspiration that I have been gaining from the Ma’at Magick current as outlined by the wonderful Nema (Maggie Ingalls). It was through her description of her work with the mysterious figure of N’Aton that I found a vehicle for furthering my own explorations of the Gnostic current in a more creative, future orientated way.

Those acquainted with my writing here will probably be unsurprised by my attraction to N’Aton as a future-mythic figure. N’Aton represents a non-binary ‘They’ at a number of levels. As is represented by their image half in starry shadow and half in light, their gender is located in a third place that dances between and beyond polarities. N’Aton as a future magical self also integrates an inspiring way of being that holds together the unique individual and shared collective.

naton Face of the Future

While the primary structure of…

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Discovering the “Demons” of Islam: A Crash Course in Understanding the Djinn, From Multiple Perspectives.

Diabolical Confusions

Djinn SigilWithin my own research into the world of the paranormal, I began to start digging into anything I could to find out details in regards to malevolent hauntings and/or certain spirits. And at first, myself being Roman Catholic, obviously began to look inwards to my own religion for answers, but unfortunately, the topic of demonology pre-dates even my religion. So, my answer, it seemed, was to begin digging into other faith systems. I began to start studying the Hebrew religion of Judaism, and as you could imagine, that took up quite a lot of my time. Then, however, I came across something that made me take a step back, and reassess some patterns of thoughts that I had been forming.

This article is going to be a special one, because it is going to contain contributions from people who are more familiar with certain matters of faith than I am…

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On Being Babalon

The Blog of Baphomet

Since the days of the wife-swapping craziness that may have soured the relationship of that dynamic duo of Edward Kelly and John Dee, the goddess Babalon has been with us. Recast as the Divine Harlot Mother in the theology of Thelema, revealed on the silver screen by Kenneth Anger and inflaming the passions of Jack Parsons, Babalon is very much alive today. Her latest high profile manifestation was in the earthly form of Katie Perry at a major sporting event in the USA. Riding on her lion-like beast her modern archetype is captured by Freida Harris, using Aleister Crowley as her muse, in their collaboration The Thoth Tarot, Atu XI ‘Lust’.

Lusty Trumpette Lusty Trumpette

I’m just starting to read Women of Babalon which looks like a really nice compilation of writings by contemporary female esoteric practitioners about The Red Goddess. Many of these are autobiographical, sometimes harrowing accounts of these women’s engagement…

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Goetia Simplificada — Frater Michael Sebastian Lùx


Para muitos aspirantes a magista, a prática da evocação mágicka de forças demoníacas sugere imagens de magos medievais trajando longos robes, armados com varinhas e espadas, de pé em círculos evocando agentes do Inferno a fim de realizar pactos para obter riqueza, amor, eterna juventude, ou qualquer outra coisa que convir à vaidade do intrépido bruxo. Talvez seja esta imagem e os métodos aparentemente difíceis de preparação das ferramentas dos rituais, memorização de longas conjurações e exorcismos, e a incompreensão das prosaicas forças ligadas à nossa realidade espiritual, o que tem feito a prática da evocação goética ser muito denegrida e incompreendida, mesmo por alguns dos grandes adeptos da nossa atualidade. Até que ponto esse viés é merecido ou não está totalmente aberto ao debate. A meu ver, no entanto, seus benefícios não podem ser questionados por aqueles determinados a tomar as medidas necessárias para se envolverem com essas forças…

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Goddess Temple: The Worldly Left-hand Path Consorts

The Setian Illuminati

The ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshat, she who measures temple space, is depicted with a hemp leaf in her head dress. Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1479 to 1425 B.C.E.) called her Sefkhet-Abwy (She of the seven points). Hemp was used to make measuring cords, and paper. Seshat was the Goddess of libraries, knowledge, and geomancy. She stands upon a marijuana flower bud, amidst a field of hemp bushes, with a hookah pipe, as she measures with tool, and cord. Spell 10 of the Coffin text states “Seshat opens the door of heaven for you”.


Hecate, the Goddess whose name means 100th part, most likely an homage to the seasonal sewing of seeds. She hails from Anatolia, present day Turkey. Later recognized in Greek culture, then later re-identified by the Romans as «Trivia». Hecate’s incense is burned at crossroads, during twilight, and it is purified when the moon’s rays are shining on it…

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A comunicação com os demônios é uma parte vital da Demonolatria e prática frequente no satanismo teísta. A comunicação não é usualmente considerada um ato mágico per se, mas graças aos demônios você pode ter novas Ideias que podem melhorar sua vida em algumas áreas — da mesma forma como poderia ocorrer ao fazer uma ritual ou enquanto lança um feitiço, ou durante uma visualização, etc. Quando estamos aptos a sentir demônios e suas respostas, nós podemos trabalhar magicamente em harmonia (por exemplo: enquanto dirige energias). A obtenção de insights extra-sensoriais (não através de meios físicos usuais) pode ser vista como magia. Na minha opinião, ser sensível às energias espirituais também significa ser sensível às energias mágicas que você pode utilizar, as quais proporcionam resultados tangíveis em nossa vida. É por isso que a comunicação com demônios, na minha opinião, é um parcela significativa da magia satânica, especialmente quando…

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Ritual Offerings : Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

Greetings fellow sorcerers!

Ritual Offerings Inside-Cover Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick (inside cover art)

As many of you know, since I’ve teased it here and there over the past few months, I have been editing a new anthology for Nephilim Press entitled Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick.

Throughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick (and religion). Very often, a magickal ritual consists of nothing more than the making of a prescribed offering to a particular spirit in a specified time and place. Yet, here in the West, the making of an offering has been equated with the worship of the spirit receiving it. The act of offering a spirit something as payment for services rendered has close associations with the dreaded «pact with the Devil,» by which a magician surely sells his soul to damnation.

But, to the rest of the…

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Aos leitores, livro Ritualística para o Dia a Dia – Invocações Cerimoniais Qliphóticas e Sephiróticas, autografado. Pode ser adquirido diretamente com o autor (, por 23 reais, incluindo a postagem.

Nesta sua quinta obra publicada pela Madras Editora, o autor procura sintetizar e focalizar a prática básica da Cabala Qliphótica e Hermética para fins específicos, fornecendo informação para uma aplicação real do conhecimento no dia-a-dia. Aqui, o leitor terá um contato teórico e prático, de maneira simples, inteligível e didática, com a ritualística. Os rituais são apresentados detalhadamente, passo a passo, colocando assim o indivíduo em contato com as forças representadas pelas esferas cabalísticas/planetárias em seus aspectos “noturnos” e “diurnos”. Cada um desses rituais busca englobar as principais necessidades, vontades e anseios humanos nos níveis material, astral (emocional), mental e espiritual. Portanto, o leitor tem aqui uma fonte para buscar melhorar a si mesmo e obter um crescimento…

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Reglas elementales que un mago ha de respetar

El Templo de la Luz Interior


Para que sus rituales tengan los efectos que usted pretende, y sus invocaciones y plegarias se cumplan, el Mago ha de respetar normas fundamentales. Los postulados de la antigua Magia siguen vigentes hoy en día y responden a leyes inmutables; ya que, como todo en este mundo, esta Ciencia o Arte también tiene sus normas.

En este caso, se basan en la convicción de que, a través de la voluntad del Mago y realizando determinados actos, se puede modificar la realidad. La Magia es una fuerza que se canaliza y se dirige intencionalmente con un fin. Para poder practicarla correctamente, es conveniente conocer esos principios que la rigen.

Primera ley: La unidad del Todo
Dios es la mente universal que todo lo contiene. Es el poder del Verbo. La herramienta fundamental del Mago es su “mente”. De ella parten la Imaginación y la Voluntad, la Fe y la Fuerza. En…

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Sigil Creation with Planetary Magic Squares

Reflections from the Black Stone

Building off the introduction to Planetary Magic Squares posted earlier, this is an example on how to use them to create sigils to manifest a desired outcome. The Grant Morrison video, I posted a while back provides a great introduction into sigil magic. At its core is the concept of abstracting a directed intent into a symbol that effects the practitioner at a subconscious level. There are many ways to create sigils and perform sigil magic, what I outline here is a method that I have used and continue to use to great success.

The process of creating the sigil is a magical act in itself, and this is an important point. Any generative process is an act of creation as it is imbued with an intent and desired outcome, this should remain instilled in the back of our minds throughout the process.

There are 4 stages that I employ in my practice, these…

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Planetary Magic Squares

Reflections from the Black Stone

This  is a brief introduction into Planetary Magic Squares. My intention is to set the stage for a later post in which I will describe my methods for working with these Magic Squares to construct and charge sigils.

The mathematical definition of a Magic Square is an arrangement of distinct integers in a square grid in which the integers of each row, column and diagonal all add up to the same number. While a full exploration into the history of Magic Squares is beyond our current scope, suffice it to say that their use in mathematics and mysticism is well documented in Asia as early as the 7th century B.C.E.

By the early Renaissance, Magic Squares were popularized in Europe and made their way into western magical traditions via the later writings of Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, and Cornelius Agrippa. Of primary importance to this post is a grouping of seven squares between the orders of 3 and 9 that were identified…

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Chaos Craft: The Book

The Blog of Baphomet

Click here for trailer!!! Click on the image to see our trailer!!!

Blending together the essences of Chaos Magic and modern Paganism, this book records the emergence of the new tradition of Chaos Craft. Many of the essays presented here were first brewed up in New pictures and fresh essays add spice to these existing writings. Some of which, previously unavailable, comprise the secret rituals of this unashamedly syncretic form of occultism.

The potion you may sample inside is infused with the flavours of Gurdjieff, mindfulness meditation, trance-bodywork, entheogenics, Wiccan and Sabbatic Craft. The mixture has been diligently stirred widdershins for two years as the Wheel of the Year cycled through the Colours of Chaos.

The explorations, the questions, the techniques and reflections presented here are part of an ongoing magical work. Like the figure of Baphomet hirself (patron deity of Chaos Craft), the elixir pouring from this cauldron is redolent with the rich alchemical…

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Opening Rite of the Heptagram

Reflections from the Black Stone

This rite from the Papryi Graecae Magicae (PGM) is part of a greater initiatory ritual under the header «Instruction[s] for the recitation of the Heptagram» (PGM XIII. 760 -930).  It has become my preferred practice for defining and opening sacred space prior to any magical work.

Unlike the various opening rituals of the Western Magical traditions that focus on the four cardinal directions and one defined motion for either invoking or banishing (clockwise or counterclockwise), here our focus is to honor and activate seven directions through both clockwise & counter-clockwise motions. As with all opening rites, our primary purpose is to establish ourself – the magus –  at the axis-mundi of the magical universe (see also Pentagram Ritual, Hexagram Ritual,  and Sealing the Six-Dimensions).

Through the intonation of the seven vowel sounds of the Greek letters A,E,H,I,O,Y,Ω (α,ε,η,ι,ο,υ,ω; transcribed in the Betz edition as A,E,Ê,I,O,Y,Ô), we  activate the seven spatial-spiritual directions of North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Center.  The frequent use…

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Tetractys and Magic

The Digital Ambler

Alright, alright, I can hear some of my readers mutter in the distance.  «Yes, polyphanes, we know you like the Tetractys.  We get it.  You’re on a huge Pythagorean kick lately.  You’ve been on this kick for over a month and a half now.  Yes, it’s awesome.  But what about magic?  What about conjurations and talismans and shit?  When are you going to talk about those things again?»  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.  Yes, I admit I’ve been taken with the Tetractys and this new field of occult mathesis as of late, but to be fair, it’s a huge new thing for me that I didn’t expect to develop.  I honestly feel like I should be spending more time on it, more meditation, more scrying, since it’s all so new and, thus, unexplored.  And, to make proper use of it, I feel like more exploration is definitely needed.  Otherwise I’d…

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Invocação ao Familiar


Betopataca expoente do satanismo tupiniquim muito flertou segundo pode-se atestar por seus diários mágicos e biblioteca pessoal com xamanismo do Novo Mundo e psicologia junguiana (sendo certa feita mesmo iniciado magicamente em uma tribo Kamaiurá). Tais flertes engendraram uma série de práticas simples, porém intensas, adaptadas aos ditames logísticos da contemporaneidade e linguagem satânica. Segue aqui um dos mais interessantes materiais ritualísticos gerados em tal alento de «amálgama» durante a existência da Fraternitas Templi Satanis (E’P’S’) e recuperado do limbo do conhecimento por R.C.Zarco, legítimo herdeiro da obra de Betopataca.

Trata-se este de um ritual desenvolvido para facilitar o contacto do magista com seu Familiar. É sabido que o conceito de Familiar pode ser encarcerado em diversos padrões. Um dos padrões, que é o que mais adequa-se ao meu pensar, é o do Familiar como «Espírito Guia».

O Familiar, na óptica de «Espírito Guia», é na realidade um aspecto vosso…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 10)

The Blog of Baphomet

Dear Sef,

Thank you for the pleasure of this debate. The IOT most certainly arose partly in response and partly in opposition to the OTO. We compete for a similar demographic on what you might call the off-white wing of the esoteric tradition. Only history will tell which ideas will stand the test of meme-evolution, I suspect elements of both may do so.

Firstly a few remarks about your previous points: –

Ah the inimitable Julian, yes one certainly has to admire his Chaoism, his fearless disregard for self-consistency when it comes to paradigm shifting, sexuality, lifestyle, and psychonautics sets an example to us all; we have honoured him in the image of Mercury in the Portals Deck.

I find the idea that Crowley led some sort of liberating sexual revolution absurd. There seems little evidence that actual human sexual activity has varied much across the ages. Every generation likes…

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108 Breaths for Baphomet

The Blog of Baphomet

The following technique is one I developed (or was taught by the spirits, or made up in me own head – you pays your money, as they say…) following some mindfulness meditation in my garden. (Which at this time of year is a riot of flowers and vines and burgeoning fruit.) The method uses an asana which is held for a few minutes. In this sense it is similar to the techniques I’ve encountered in Kundalini yoga (specifically in the Longevity Kriya). Kundalini yoga is a fascinating form of practice which I was introduced to by the awesome Kwali, and one that is well worth exploring.

As well as being a physical exercise this method, which I call the ‘108 Breaths for Baphomet’ (108 BB), provides an opportunity to connect deeply with our somatic experience, our bodies, the biosphere aspect of who we are. While it’s possible for…

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Preparing for Pyramidos

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica


Aleister Crowley’s A.’.A.’. is perhaps the most fully developed system of magick ever devised. Based on the model of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, of which Crowley had been a member for a short but influential period, the A.’.A.’. curriculum is a comprehensive set of instructions for developing the skills and experience of ceremonial magick. The graded structure of A.’.A.’. introduces the student incrementally to the fundamental practices of magick in a meaningful and achievable order with the goal of arming them with the skills necessary for composing and performing the central work of the A.’.A.’., the invocation of the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Elementary Steps in Magick

When the A.’.A.’. was originally founded in 1908, the intention was to disseminate the instructional material to students as it became necessary for them to use it in their advancement. The internet has changed all of…

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Thelemic Mysticism – part 5: Mysticism in Practice – Crossing the Abyss & The Hermit


Thelemic Mysticism

[ ← Part 4: Mysticism in Practice – The Lover ← ]

PART 5: MYSTICISM IN PRACTICE – Crossing the Abyss & The Hermit

The Ordeal: The Dark Night of the Soul – The Babe of the Abyss

One might think that such light, love, and bliss has no ordeal, but there is a distinct ordeal that awaits the Mystic at this second Stage of Illumination. As mentioned previously, the Mystic is united with the Object of her devotion in this Stage but still remains separate therefrom. If this Illumination is continued through the Mystic’s persistent devotion and meditation, the by-products of this Illumination – especially the sense of overwhelming joy, bliss, and rapture – eventually «settle down.» The initial Illumination is like an explosion and if one remains in it, the clouds slowly disperse and one can see clearly.

At a certain point, the Mystic may realize that…

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Magick and Power

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

sigil_of_amethDifferent types of magick are often defined by the power that they are perceived to possess. While this makes the basic error of mistaking the source of their power and its method of expression, there is a kernel of truth in this type of differentiation between systems of magick. The key to the power of a system of magick is the number of truths that it is capable of expressing, rather than the types of methods that it employs.

The most vital aspect of any system of magick is the completeness and legibility of the symbol set at its foundation. For symbols to be effective as a medium for expressing the will of the magician the concepts that they are representing have to be able to be clearly understood. Systems that employ a limited set of symbols can only represent a limited number of truths while more comprehensive systems have…

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Magickal Momentum

Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

Casting Spells Waving the magick wands

Popular books on occultism are full of spells and incantations that purport to perform all manner of miraculous magical shortcuts to all of the desirable things in life. These sorts of instructions imply that sex, money, power and spiritual enlightenment are all only a wave of a wand and a few mumbled lines of poorly rhyming doggerel away. It only takes a small amount of experience in the practice of magick to understand the fallaciousness of this approach. Magicians with a talent for the art soon abandon this base style of magick for the long, certain method of working to accumulate momentum towards the goal, rather than trying to attain a success in a single stroke.

No aspect of magick makes this clearer than the course of initiation that is central to the practice of any fully developed system of magick. At the same time, common…

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Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride


Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his BrideA feast for the first night of the Prophet and his Bride

by Frater IAO131


This feast is celebrated on August 12, and its primary purpose is to celebrate the anniversary of Crowley’s marriage to Rose that made possible the reception of The Book of the Law. Crowley comments, “There should be a special feast on the 12th day of August in every year, since it was the marriage of The Beast which made possible the revelation of the New Law. (This is not an Apology for Marriage. Hard Cases make Bad Law).”

In terms of E.G.C., this ceremony represents the Collect of Marriage, which involves the union of all things, not only the legal proceedings of marriage. In terms of M.M.M., this ceremony represents II° insofar as this shows the soul “how it may best carry out its object in the eucharist of life. It partakes, so…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 8)

The Blog of Baphomet

Dear Sef,

It was a pleasure for Matt and I to speak at the first Bristol meet of the Visible College. The Moot there has a nice venue in the Golden Guinea and an interesting bunch of enthusiastic people turned up. I wish you well with this venture.

Firstly I’ll give my response to your answer, then I’ll answer your questions, and finally I’ll pose my last question to you.

Considered on their own, the Giza pyramids appear as some of the most remarkable and mysterious structures ever erected by humanity. However a look at pyramids more generally throws doubt on many of the apparent mysteries. Pyramids served as tombs and monuments, and they gradually replaced the mud brick Mastaba tombs of even more ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians never discovered the vaulted arch, so any massive high stone structure would have to have a roughly pyramidal shape and comparatively…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete & Sef (Part7)

The Blog of Baphomet

Preface note: All quotations in bold italics are taken from Liber AL vel Legis, the Book of the Law. This post is chock full of ‘em, for reasons which will become obvious. Simple italics are for emphasis (author’s own).

Dear Pete,

Thank you for providing what has been a thoroughly challenging and frankly frustrating question.

First of all, I am very pleased to see that we share opinions towards the cult of personality around great thinkers and leaders in their fields; as I certainly agree that Crowley “led an adventurous and intellectually courageous full life, but whilst he deserves our respect and admiration; worship or emulation of his personal quirks and foibles seems pointless” as you said of Darwin. I hope that Carrolleyanity never takes root, in the same way that I hope Crowleyanity’s adherents are damned for a dog”, “and to hell with them, master!”

I am also…

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Thelemic Culture Update: January – June 2014

Esta galería contiene 17 fotos

Originalmente publicado en 2nd Century Thelema:
Thelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web. New Docosade of V:0: We have entered a new «docosade,» a period of 22 years! The Thelemic year is now written as «Anno V:o». Hear more about this…

Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete & Sef (Part 6)

The Blog of Baphomet

Thanks for your reply Sef, I’ll respond to your question first and then pose one for you.

‘……as you were kind enough to discuss yourself, and as the EPOCH is now being read and digested across the world, my question to you is this: What do you hope for your work to enable, enact, or create? Would you enjoy seeing the Chaobala worked into an entire current, or would you fear for another Crowleyanity modelled on Pope Pete?’

I hope that people will remember me as someone who did for magic a little of what Charles Darwin did for natural history. Darwin turned natural history into biology, as we now understand it, by making explicit its underlying mechanisms. Of course he stood on the shoulders of giants and the whole field would have gone that way eventually, but he brought it all together under a scheme that made so many…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete & Sef (Part 5)

The Blog of Baphomet

Fountain Head Fountain Head

Dear Pete,

Originally, there was a serious danger of my essays becoming “Gnostic Movie Review Club”, but I’ll leave everyone else to watch The Fountain and draw their own conclusions in light of my response. I’ve spent enough time deliberating over this, so let’s get straight to your question:

I’ve always wondered if seeking The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel seems like a good idea. The procedures for discovering it seem functionally indistinguishable from recipes for creating an obsession. It looks like a suspiciously monotheistic belief and thus a self-contradictory and limiting obsession with an ideal that has become effectively unattainable. You said that even with Crowley you follow the message not the man.  Does the OTO acknowledge anyone as having ever attained it?

This has taken some time to pin down properly, and the meat of the matter is (as I said to one…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 4)

The Blog of Baphomet

Reply to Sef.

Thank you for your exposition of ‘True Will’ Sef. The stoical or detached attitude to duty advocated by the Hindus seems admirable in some ways but it has also propped up the caste system for millennia. If your birth dictates that you will shovel shit for an entire lifetime and so will your children, then just get on with it. If tradition dictates that you must throw yourself on your husband’s funeral pyre then just get on with it, you will reincarnate in a better position as a result.

‘Pure Will’ ‘unassuaged of purpose’ sounds like it can mean anything, everything, or nothing. I consider that people consist of the totality of what they do (which of course includes what they think). The idea of their having some sort of ‘being’ separate from their doing, or for that matter some sort of ‘will’ other than their total…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 3)

The Blog of Baphomet

Dear Pete,

Thank you for responding so quickly, and while I have been away myself this last week I hope the delay is tolerable. Firstly, to your previous discourse:

You appear to describe the “true will” as being an exclusive pursuit of a temporal vocation, and I consider this an oft-repeated fallacy which actually has no foundation in Thelema (for “True Will” does not exist in the text, and is misleading I feel). We talk about the “pure will” rather than the “true will”, which is comparable to the saying of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, regarding Karma-yoga:

“Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme.”

-Bhagavad Gita, Cap 3 Text 19

“For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.”

-Liber AL, Cap…

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Fundamentals of Initiation in Thelema


Fundamentals of Initiation in Thelema

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


In Thelema, the term «initiation» is used often and in varying ways. This essay is intended to elucidate the basic meaning and fundamentals of initiation, especially in the context of spiritual system of Thelema.

Basic definition: «Initiation» essentially refers to the path of spiritual progress of every individual. The «path of initiation» is synonymous with other terms such as «the path of attainment» or «the quest for enlightenment.» It is sometimes called the Great Work, or «climbing the Tree of Life,» or simply «the Path.»

Along the path, one reaches various «degrees» of initiation which can be construed as certain levels of insight or understanding or simply certain shifts in one’s awareness that move progressively from the ignorance of the mundane view of self and the world to the «initiated» or enlightened view. These «degrees» of initiation refer strictly to an…

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The Symbolic Dimensions of the Gnostic Mass


The Symbolic and Mythic Dimensions of the Gnostic Mass

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Liber XV, most commonly known as the Gnostic Mass, is a rich and multi-layered ritual. The Mass has many dimensions, and the more of these perspectives that one sees, the more one can have a deeper appreciation of the ritual.  Sometimes individuals seem to get stuck in a single dimension and see, for example, only the dimension that the Mass is a ritual enactment of sex magick and a veiled form of the IX° O.T.O. supreme secret. This is certainly one dimension, but to only see one dimension forecloses on the possibility of seeing the many perspectives that will enrich one’s knowledge, experience, and appreciation of the Mass. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to discuss certain important dimensions of the Gnostic Mass, although it will not (nor can it be) a completely exhaustive list.

For example: From the dimension of the Hermetic…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 2)

The Blog of Baphomet

Dear Sef, it’s a pleasure to debate with you. I’m off to Wales for an extended Easter in cyberpurdah, so I’ll reply now rather than later. [This was received before Easter; we waited to publish it in order to allow the first essay in this series to be viewed and considered. NW]

My piece on Augoides arose from a series of experimental belief exercises in my youth when I attempted to reconcile my interpretations of Crowley and Austin Spare. In those days I had become excited by the idea of a singular personal quest. However with the passage of time I concluded that I had adopted the magician identity for its own sake as a sort of underlying theme to all the very many different things I fancied doing in this life. I could see the attraction of the ‘true will’ belief system even though it didn’t seem…

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How to Summon Ye Demon Aleister Crowley to Visible Appearance(Humor)

The Force Holocron

How to Summon Ye Demon Aleister Crowley to Visible Appearance

(A Rite for Father’s Day)

From an ancient Graeco-Eyptian Manuscript in the Egyptian National Museum.

Ye Banishing

Banish by showing a picture of Aleister Crowley to the eight directions, saying “Get Off My Cloud” at each space mark, and each time give the Middle Finger Salute to the direction. Or ye may wear a Crowley Mask during the banishing. This will scare away any non-Thelemic entities and entice Crowley to the Circle.

Ye Place of Working

In the middle of the circle should be a Crucifix, lots of beer (Crowley hated beer), and a copy of an A.E Waite book (Crowley liked Waite about as much as he liked beer). This will keep Crowley from invading the circle in his true form.

Ye Preliminary Insultation

The celebrants sit in the circle and consume beer, marijuana and other intoxicants, all the…

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The Way

consciousness of the continuity of existence

As celebrations for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law are commemorated, I give thanks to all of my teachers, past, present and future for their radiant light that they have shined upon the Way. The blessings of the guru are without doubt a precious gift, a manifold jewel.

ཧཱུྂ༔ ཨོ་རྒྱན་ཡུལ་གྱི་ནུབ་བྱང་མཚམས༔
hung orgyen yul gyi nubjang tsam
Hūṃ! In the north-west of the land of Oḍḍiyāṇa,

pema gesar dongpo la
In the heart of a lotus flower,

yatsen chok gi ngödrub nyé
Endowed with the most marvellous attainments,

pema jungné shyé su drak
You are renowned as the ‘Lotus Born’,

khor du khandro mangpö kor
Surrounded by many hosts of ḍākinīs.

khyé kyi jesu dak drub kyi
Following in your footsteps,

jingyi lab chir shek su sol
I pray to you: Come, inspire me with your…

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The Pyramid of Thelema (or, Why I Help to Run a Soup Kitchen)

The Blog of Baphomet

Over the last week I have seen the culmination of a year’s work manifest in an exceptionally gratifying manner. The Occult Conference 2014 was a huge success, and I believe we managed to demonstrate that the Body of God could be built between practitioners of different magical and spiritual paths. A great sense of camaraderie and good will abounded on the day, and I have had a lot of feedback to say that a huge amount of learning took place.

Now, I have had it levelled at me that the event was a recruiting ground for OTO. In actual fact this was not the case – but it was a recruiting ground for “doing your Will”. Those of us already within a Tradition are (hopefully) already on the path to doing our Will, but for those honestly seeking a framework in which to experience the mysteries and be given the…

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The Primary Act of Magick


The First Act of Magick

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Will is the dynamic motion of your Being, and your sole right and duty is to do that Will (AL I:42). Most of us go about ourlives in a state of darkness: there is ignorance about who we really are and we are not in touch with our Will.  Battered about by thoughts, emotions, and circumstance, we can be like a rudderless boat adrift in the sea. Really, we are all like this to a certain extent, sometimes more so than at other times, but we have all been «wandering in the Darkness» as it is said in the Neophyte initiation ceremony of the Golden Dawn.

Although not all individuals are called to the Path of striving to do one’s Will, there are those of us – most likely including yourself if you are taking time to read this – who have perceived that there is something…

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Sigilos de ação, por Ray Sherwin



Um dos problemas, talvez o único, do processo de sigilização, tal como este tem se desenvolvido nos, aproximadamente, últimos setenta anos, é a dissociação entre a intenção e a operação. Os pioneiros da sigilação têm defendido sempre que é essencial que, uma vez desenhado e alimentado/energizado o sigilo (usando qualquer método), o operador deve, ao menos, esquecer o objetivo do trabalho e, se possível, olvidar também o sigilo uma vez que este tenha sido destruído ou enviado aos territórios da consciência mágica. Por tal razão, alguns sigilizadores têm adotado o esquema de fazer sigilos e guardá-los com outros muitos sigilos, resgatando alguns em particular de maneira aleatória e os carregando sem saber sua intenção. Assim se conseguia o efeito desejado de separar o resultado que se pretendia do próprio trabalho, porém também se fragmentava assim as energias empregadas. Supostamente um experimento útil, ainda que pouco.

Há duas classes de sigilizadores:…

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Los peligros de los nuevos alquimistas

Oldcivilizations's Blog

Tenemos que prestar atención a las revelaciones transmitidas por las tradiciones. Por ejemplo, la doctrina de las cuatro Edades según expone el Libro de Daniel, confirmada por Hesíodo entre los griegos, e igualmente entre los hindúes. El sueño de Nabucodonosor es un sueño profético narrado en la Biblia, en el capítulo II del Libro de Daniel, al que se llama Doctrina de los cuatro imperios universales. Nabucodonosor II (630-562 a. C.) es probablemente el gobernante más conocido de la dinastía caldea de Babilonia. Reinó entre el 605 a. C. y el 562 a. C. Es famoso por la conquista de Judá y Jerusalén, y por su monumental actividad constructora en Babilonia, como los famosos Jardines colgantes de Babilonia. Es Imagen 12tradicionalmente llamado «Nabucodonosor el Grande«, pero la destrucción del Templo de Jerusalén y la conquista de Judá le causó una imagen malévola en las tradiciones judías y…

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The Ukrainian Pentagram Ritual

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

Political Map of Ukraine Ukraine

  1. Stand facing east.
  2. Close your eyes, and visualise yourself standing in the middle of the country of Ukraine – somewhere near Cherkasy (see map). Now imagine that your astral form grows to a colossal height – so much so, that you can look round and see all of the territory of Ukraine around you.
  3. Perform the Qabalistic Cross: ATEH MALKUTH VE GEBURAH VE GEDULAH LE-OLAM. AMEN!
  4. Trace a banishing Pentagram to the East, imagining it standing on the Eastern border of the country, with Russia. Vibrate: YOD HEH VAV HEH!

    banishing earth pentagram Banishing pentagram. Start from the lower left point and continue around, finishing where you started.

  5. Turn to the South. Trace another banishing pentagram over the Black Sea. Vibrate: ADONAI!
  6. Turn to the West. Trace another banishing pentagram on the Slovakia / Poland border. Vibrate: EHEIEH!
  7. Turn to the North. Trace a fourth banishing pentagram on the border with Belarus…

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Cavalgar o Caos



Além do Cosmos

A mitologia grega evoca a batalha entre o Caos e o Cosmos como uma sequência temporal, como uma série de acontecimentos que se encandeiam em um passado distante. Primeiro existia o Caos e depois vieram os deuses e impuseram, pela força, o Cosmos, sua Ordem, no qual habitamos. Porém Freud nos ensinou a ler os mitos não como relatos desapegados sobre o tempo mas sim como simbologias para representar forças simultaneamente presentes no
universo interior. Édipo não matou Laio em alguma tarde remota da história mítica de Tebas, não mais do que o matamos constantemente em cada psique masculina. Do mesmo modo, a luta entre o Caos e o Cosmos não teve lugar e término em alguma era distante, mas se sucede perpetuamente dentro de cada ser
humano. O Caos não se extinguiu, segue rugindo sob a visão de mundo domesticado, ordenado, social, que governa os pensamentos…

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Review: The Essential Enochian Grimoire: An Introduction to Angel Magick from Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn, by Aaron Leitch

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

This is my review of Aaron Leitch‘s latest book on Amazon, to which I have given five stars.

«Good Introductory Text»

The Essential Enochian Grimoire, by Aaron Leitch

The overall impression I got of this book is that it is aimed at those who are already sold on the idea of Enochian Magic in principal, and would like to learn more about its background.

Generally the quality of Aaron Leitch’s writing is high, however: one should observe a serious caveat when reading this book. This is not a *complete* text – but rather the first or introductory part of an ongoing series on Enochian Magic. So for example there is a description of «Gebofal,» a sophisticated Enochian self-initiation rite which takes place over 49 days, involving the Enochian Keys and the leaves of Liber Loagaeth. Whilst there is a full description of the daily rite, the key component –…

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