The Manifesto of Ra-Hoor-Khuit

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The Manifesto of Ra-Hoor-Khuit

There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.


This is a manifesto for every man and every woman who recognizes their own right to Divine Kingship, those who recognize themselves to be Stars.

The aim is the complete establishment of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit upon earth. That is, the permeating and infiltration of all facets of life with the sublime Word of Thelema.

This is the establishment of Life, Liberty, Love, and Light in the hearts of all men.

Let those who wish to aid the Crowned and Conquering Child in his manifestation first write the words “Do what thou wilt” upon their heart and soul. Now in this light let them read this Manifesto and bring “fresh fever from the skies.”

“Help me, o warrior lord of Thebes, in my unveiling before the Children of men!”  – Liber AL vel Legis I:5


Let our actions not be out…

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The Philosophy of Thelema, pt.3: Ethics

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Philosophy of Thelema

The proclamation “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” from Liber AL vel Legis (I:40) has especially profound implications in the sphere of morality. There is an immense amount of material on this topic throughout all of Crowley’s works.

Since “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt” (Liber AL vel Legis III:60), the only “right” action is that which fulfills that Will and the only “wrong” action is that which thwarts that Will. As Liber AL vel Legis says (I:41), “The Word of Sin is Restriction.” Crowley explains that, “[This] is a general statement or definition of Sin or Error. Anything soever that binds the will, hinders it, or diverts it, is Sin” (The Law is For All). Essentially, any form of morality that works in absolutes, saying any quality is a priori “right” or “wrong” (or “evil”) is anathema to Thelema. “To us…

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The Philosophy of Thelema, pt.2: Epistemology

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Philosophy of Thelema

There are two stances on reason that are expounded in Liber AL vel Legis. The first stance is that reason must be subservient to Will and the second stance is the importance of direct experience over reason. These ideas about reason intertwine and support one another.

First, the Will is ‘supra-rational’ or beyond reason. The section in Liber AL vel Legis that deals with this comes from chapter 2,

“There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason. Now a curse upon Because and his kin! May Because be accursed for ever! If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. Also reason is a lie; for there…

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The Philosophy of Thelema, pt.1: Metaphysics

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Philosophy of Thelema


There is an ongoing and perhaps eternal debate about whether Thelema is a religion, philosophy, or way of life (or all of them or none of them). In my view, Thelema certainly has something to offer the areas of both religion and philosophy. This essay will look at how Thelema approaches the classic divisions of philosophy including metaphysics (including ontology, cosmology, eschatology, and teleology), epistemology, and ethics.

Metaphysics is essentially the study of the nature of the world. It is traditionally split into ontology, cosmology, eschatology, and teleology.

Ontology: None & Two

Ontology is the study of being, existence, or reality. Thelema’s ontology is stated simply as “None and Two.” The world is understood as ‘Nothing’ or ‘Naught,’ which is something completely beyond all description and limit. In Liber AL vel Legis I:27, it is written “Then the priest answered & said unto the Queen of Space, kissing her lovely…

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La verdadera Voluntad y el Yo

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The Art of Ninzuwu

A través de varias formas y sistemas mágicos, estas emociones son accesibles por el mago de un modo jamás antes imaginado y, dado que es la vibración emocional del mago la que causa cambios concretos en su ambiente y circunstancias, es evidente que el control y conocimiento del plano astral se hace vital para reestructurar la forma de su vida concreta en concordancia con una voluntad que al mismo tiempo busca comprender.Dioses, demonios y el plano astral.

Voluntad es un concepto técnico en magia y significa, liza y llanamente, el propósito del espíritu inmortal conectado al hombre por un hilo muy tenue desde un lugar muy lejano. Se presenta como sutil mandato ajeno ante el cual sólo es posible someterse sin comprender nunca muy bien sus fines específicos. La llamada Voluntad es más parecida a la voz que ha guiado a muchos magos, incluido Jesús, percibida ajena…

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Thelemic Culture Update: June 2013

2nd Century Thelema

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence: Program #42 of Speech in the Silence is now out with “The Integrated Magical Life pt.1” by Lon Milo DuQuette, “Living Thelema: Advice from the Tree of Life” by Dr. David Shoemaker, and music by Oliver Althoen, The Green Man, and Shams 93; [Speech in the Silence]
  • Magick available in French: The entire 4-part Magick, Crowley’s magnum opus that is also known as “Liber ABA” and “Book Four,” is now available in French for the first time. [Amazon]
  • Portuguese film about Aleister Crowley and Fernando Pessoa: Imagens de Seculo is producing a film in Portuguese about Aleister Crowely and Fernando Pessoa called “Hino a Pã – O Último Sortilégio” (‘Hymn to Pan – The Last Sortilege’). A new trailer is now available…

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Thelemic Culture Update: May 2013

2nd Century Thelema

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence: Speech in the Silence took a little break this month, but many past segments can be found on their YouTube channel. [YouTube]
  • Fill/Kill: Hymenaeus Beta released an essay called “On the Kill Me / Fill Me Correction to Liber Legis” explaining in more depth his rationale for correcting Liber AL [OTO]
    • Hymenaeus Beta released further information on Fill/Kill, specifically showing the use of “kill” in Liber CXX: Liber Cadaveris [OTO]
    • Finally, Hymenaeus Beta has released a third essay entitled “On the Fill/Kill Correction (3),” which is the most comprehensive essay so far. It contains a list of information about the history of publications of Liber AL, including a table detailing the various changes made at different times. [OTO]

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