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What is Gnosticism?

anne crossey


Gnosticism has seen something of a revival since public imagination was captured (for better or worse) by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran and Nag Hammadi in the 1940’s. For the most part, the Nag Hammadi library is comprised of papyrus manuscripts transcribed around 1500 years agoby a gnostic sect who were based on the Western shores of the Dead Sea. About 1000 pages in all, Coptic translations of older Greek writings, the manuscripts include lost gospels and poems, reflections on various aspects of mysticism, and portions of Plato’s Republic. Deemed heretical, the influence of gnosticism on both orthodox religious practice and on the more hidden or esoteric aspects of even contemporary philosophy and theology has been sorely underrated. If the Church is the sober Bride of Christ, then gnosticism could be described as his colourful soulmate slut- something of an embarrassment to the…

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A Feast for the Supreme Ritual & the Equinox of the Gods


Feast for the Supreme Ritual & the Equinox of the Gods

NOTE: This ritual is not “official” in any way: It is not traditional in any form nor is it the official ritual of any organization whatsoever. It is simply a way that one might celebrate these Feasts of the Times. 


This dramatic ritual combines two feasts, the feast for the Supreme Ritual and the feast for the Equinox of the Gods. The Equinox of the Gods is celebrated on the Vernal Equinox and – since the Supreme Ritual is celebrated on March 20 – they will virtually never fall more than 2 days apart from one another. Since they fall close together on the calendar, since they share a single line in The Book of the Law, and since they are both related to the shift from the Old Aeon to the New, I have combined them into a single ritual and feast.

The Supreme Ritual celebrates the…

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