Weather Magic, Witch Burnings, Yoga and E-motional Suppression in Relation to Al-Chemical Ancient Symbols, Sigils in Regards to Alchemy and Lunacy

Alphabet Of Daggers

First I would like to say I know that the practice of bhakti is not to suppress ones emotions however I have a theory on weather magic which I believe to be both original and scientific.  Unfortunately there is no way to be for certain if any of this has been magic or if it is only perceived in my own mind to be magic, the only way I suppose to be certain would be to test it out multiple times however as we all know belief is a tool.

“Under the whole heaven He lets it loose, And His lightning to the ends of the earth.”Job 37:3 


In this article I will be delving into what I personally consider to be a rather complex subject, one in which is never scientifically explained.  Weather magic has been written about, this is for certain alongside certain plants to use in…

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