Book Review – The Angel and the Abyss by J. Daniel Gunther

Book of Shadows and Light

I definitely enjoyed Gunther’s first book,  Initiation in the Aeon of the Child. It was one of my first introductions to serious Thelema and sparked my interest in memorizing the Holy Books as well as helping me to understand stuff in Liber 418, The Vision and the Voice. So I was definitely looking for a good sequel to the first book, to help me understand how the journey toward Zion – the mountain that represents Binah – continues.

The sample I gathered from Google before release was pretty good. I learned about the Egyptian afterlife, and about the Thelemic conceptualization of death. I learned a great deal about the meanings of some of the holy books, and got more information about the Sevenfold Arrangement of Hoor, the ‘Secret of V’, and other cool stuff. I learned a lot more about Heru-Ra-Ha. Not a lot of people talk about attainment…

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