The Proclamation of the Perfected One

Book of Shadows and Light

The Gnostic Mass, Liber XV, is one of Crowley’s greatest contributions to the world of magic. The first time I heard of and read the Mass, I thought it was a corny Pagan parody of a Catholic mass. But after learning more about magical traditions, I recognized that Liber XV is where a lot of the common neo-Pagan and Wiccan ritual structures come from – from the fire and air, the salt and water, to circle casting, to the Great Rite of course – and at the very end of the ritual, when you take communion, you say “There is no part of me that is not of the gods.” In Pagan and Wiccan practice, this is often replaced by saying “May you never hunger, may you never thirst” to the person you’re handing the cakes and ale to.

What is not very commonly known is that “There is no…

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Starting Your Thelemic Sadhana

Book of Shadows and Light

A common question that I get is: how do I start practicing Thelema? I didn’t start practicing Thelema truly, in earnest, and with tradition-correct signs for Liber Resh etc. until 10 years after beginning to study when I started living in the same apartment as another Thelemite. This was admittedly partly due to awkwardness because I felt like I was culturally appropriating Hebrew stuff (don’t ask about the depths of my political correctness). I was doing the LBRP half-heartedly and a lot of trance and astral work, but that was about it. Heck, I didn’t even know that the Holy Books were supposed to be memorized until then.

Part 1. The Reading Part

Of course your cabala should be memorized – paths, spheres, trumps and letters. Use flash cards, use websites like , print out and color a Tree of Life, learn gematria, do this every day and it…

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Thelemite and Magician Census

Book of Shadows and Light

Here is a friendly survey to fill out if you have a few minutes. We’ll be releasing the results of this survey as soon as we have enough answers.

Esoteric Research is also home to the Hermetic Magicians’ Demographic Project. This project was created to give a voice to our culture in today’s pluralistic society. What are our practices, beliefs, interests and hobbies? Where do we stand on political, social and economic matters? From what sorts of social backgrounds do we come?

Our friends in the Pagan community are making waves with the Pagan Census and suchlike because magical traditions are the fastest growing religions and spiritualities in America and around the world.

The HMDP is looking for you! Yes, you! We’d like you to fill out some surveys and the results will be published quite soon. There will be more polls up, and the results will be disseminated shortly.

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Enochian Correspondence Table

Book of Shadows and Light

121, 16, 15, 4[i], 1[Sephirothic Geomantic
26, 4figures
314, 3, 2,follow the
Abyss10[ii]Planets. ]
618,15,5[iii]belong to
1015,9,5,4Caput & Cauda DraconisN. Node, Jup, Ven. / SN, Sat, Mars.N / S nodesGisg
114Airy triplicityAirAirNaHA
1528TristitiaSat in AqrAqrTalMH
164AmissioVen in TaurTaurUnAV
172AlbusMerc in GemGemFamSZ
1812Populus, ViaMoon in Canc incr / decrCancGedUrGLCh
1925,8Fortuna Maj &MinSun in Leo N decl…

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The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Book of Shadows and Light

(From the notes part of a workshop that I gave at my lodge in 2011. Hence why it’s a bit rough.)

The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

– As the pentagram rituals invoke, banish and balance the elemental powers while the aspirant stands either in Malkuth or in the elemental crossroad where samekh and peh intersect, the hexagram rituals invoke, banish and balance the planets while the aspirant stands in Tiferet.

We learn in our basic Liber O that lessers are general and specific pent/hex rituals are specific to one element / planet. However, the hexagram rituals can be used elementally as well to attune to zodiacal elements by using the elemental hexagrams instead of planetary variants on the earth hexagram. This is not too common, though it can also be used to invoke the cardinal signs. One of its possible applications could be to conjure the 24 Enochian Seniors.

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O que Alta Feitiçaria ? (Helio Kerykeion)


spare Feitiçaria  atua por meio de um princípio simples e comum a todas as culturas antigas – a crença de que o pensamento focalizado move a energia, provocando a realização do propósito de um encantamento. 

Feitiçaria  designa também a prática ou celebração de rituais, orações ou cultos com ou sem uso de amuletos ou talismãs (objetos ao qual são atribuídos poderes mágicos), por parte de adeptos do ocultismo com vista à obtenção de resultados, favores ou objetivos que, regra geral, não são da vontade de terceiros.

Pode estar relacionada com cultos às forças da natureza ou aos antepassados já falecidos, sendo que está também frequentemente relacionada com o uso de artes consideradas mágicas, à invocação de entidades , como por exemplo, espíritos, deuses, gênios ou demônios, ou o emprego de diversas formas de adivinhação.

Os praticantes e líderes da Feitiçaria, designados de feiticeiros, gozavam de uma considerável influência social em diversas…

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A Tradição da Alta Feitiçaria (Helio Kerykeion)


O sistema de Alta Feitiçaria da Ordo Lotus Nigra (OLN) fundamenta-se nas fórmulas de “Magia Cerimonial” ou Alta Magia. Assim sendo é oportuno falar um pouco desta “via de ascensão” tão mal interpretada pela maioria dos pagãos modernos.

Na Magia Cerimonial, o ritual é o meio de contato com entidades supra-humanas com o objetivo principal de dirigir ou controlar forças ocultas, e conseguir produzir efeitos ou influenciar situações. Muitos magos cerimoniais trabalham com energia interna (shakti) combinada com a energia de diversas entidades supra-físicas (deuses, anjos, gênios etc) para realizar suas operações mágicas. Em geral, o magista (termo usado para ambos os sexos) domina e ordena as entidades de diversas hierarquias e para tal tem que ter controle tanto interno como externo. Algumas vezes uma forma de energia espiritual mais geral (planetária, elemental ou zodiacal) pode ser usada para criar “elementais” artificiais, consagrar talismãs e amuletos, lançar feitiços etc. Outras…

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Rebranding Thelema

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Ankhafnakhonsu Esoterica

Or Why OTO is Getting into Bed with Gerald Gardner

For decades, the Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO has been making a tidy sum by publishing the works of Aleister Crowley. They have done an excellent job of preserving these obscure texts and making them available to new generations of students of the occult arts. The internet has changed their relevance in the preservation of these once virtually unobtainable texts as they are now available virtually.

At the same time, the free dissemination of the books of instruction in Crowley’s personal brand of magick has marginalized OTO as the practice of Thelema has been taken up by unconnected individuals around the world, usually working with the material in isolation, and possessing no affiliation with OTO, nor do they particularly desire one. OTO have also seen the boom in interest in modern witchcraft as a growth opportunity, and some factions…

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