Simple Introduction to Thelemic Spirituality

Magnífica introducción a la espiritualidad thelémica, por soror Harmony Pax. (En inglés)

Book of Shadows and Light

In the Western tradition, the spiritual life – or emotional and psychological growth for our atheists – has 3 stages. The first is the purgative (cleansing, destruction, or the ascending triangle of water), the second is the illuminative (anointing, creation, or the descending triangle of fire – ‘tongue of grace’), and the third is the unitive, which is that of the ineffable experience of union with the higher or more complete state.*

Or, in not so many words – ‘the gross must pass through fire, let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest’. ‘Lofty chosen ones’ is not an appeal to ego, for ‘to him that much is given, much is expected’.

These correspond to the three orders of Thelema – the hermit, the lover, and the man of earth. They also correspond to the process that we ought to go through if…

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Review: The Essential Enochian Grimoire: An Introduction to Angel Magick from Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn, by Aaron Leitch

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

This is my review of Aaron Leitch‘s latest book on Amazon, to which I have given five stars.

“Good Introductory Text”

The Essential Enochian Grimoire, by Aaron Leitch

The overall impression I got of this book is that it is aimed at those who are already sold on the idea of Enochian Magic in principal, and would like to learn more about its background.

Generally the quality of Aaron Leitch’s writing is high, however: one should observe a serious caveat when reading this book. This is not a *complete* text – but rather the first or introductory part of an ongoing series on Enochian Magic. So for example there is a description of “Gebofal,” a sophisticated Enochian self-initiation rite which takes place over 49 days, involving the Enochian Keys and the leaves of Liber Loagaeth. Whilst there is a full description of the daily rite, the key component –…

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Los Qlífot – Michael W. Ford



Tradução (para o espanhol) dos vídeos “The Qlippoth – One: Luciferian Approach” e “The Qlippoth: Two Malkuth (Nahemoth)”.

Michael W. Ford descreve o fundamento básico das esferas Qlifóticas em relação aos “Dez Infernos em Sete Lugares”. Este o foco de um capítulo de “The Bible of the Adversary”. Na segunda parte, Ford discute sobre Malkuth e o trabalho com as forças Qlifóticas.

(C) Michael W. Ford, Succubus

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Thelemic Holy Season

Book of Shadows and Light

What is the Thelemic Holy Season? Every year from March 19th to April 10th, it has become a tradition for Thelemites to read part of the Holy Books and meditate upon the trump associated with the particular day.

March 20th, the Spring Equinox, is also the Thelemic new year. This year, we are going into 110 NA (New Aeon), or the year of the Fool, era (or docosade, if you want to be fancy) of the Emperor. The Thelemic Holy Season starts on new year’s eve, but it ends with the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law. Most people say Three-Days for short because it gets to be a mouthful.

What’s the story behind Thelemic New Year? With all the different times that the year begins in different cultures, why do we need a new one? Thelemic New Year is at this date because…

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Book Review: Aleister Crowley’s Secret Temple by Alrah Fraser

Book of Shadows and Light

Aleister Crowley’s Secret Temple is a small, but concise and information-rich book by long-time Thelemic qabalist, Alrah Fraser. The basic premise of this book is like many others: that the Book of the Law isn’t what it seems, and through qabalah, we can find out more information.

It is definitely an intermediate level – “Magick 202′ read, accessible to those who are familiar with both the Tree of Life and who have read the Book of the Law a few times. I do not feel I am fully qualified to write a review, having only read it once, but even upon cursory reading I would really recommend this as a fresh look at the Holy Books.

Fraser’s book includes some familiar elements such as the essential RPSTOVAL proof. But one thing I really like is how she relates the BOTL code to the Zohar – specifically using Mathers’ familiar “Kabbalah…

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Papa Legba



Papa Legba is the spirit of the crossroads. He guards the portal to the spirit world and is the intermediary between the spirits and humanity.

As a gate-keeper he can speak all languages and he is the first spirit invoked in ceremony (to open the gates to the spirit world) and the last spirit invoked in ceremony (to close the gates). Papa Legba introduced himself to me when he spoke to me through two different people indicating that he required an offering of tobacco if I wished to hold council with him, He appeared clairvoyantly as a very old African-American man with a walking stick accompanied by four indigenous African tribal chiefs (of which I assume represented the four directions). I created a simple altar, made an offering, and since that day my roads have been cleared and all blockages removed. Countless opportunities have presented themselves to me and a…

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Epoch Making Magic with Peter J. Carroll

anne crossey







Who doesn’t want a bit of magic in their life?

If there was a ‘Magical Lifetime Achievement Award’ then the person who I think deserves to receive it is my all time favourite Arch-Mage, Peter J. Carroll. As well as being Chancellor of Arcanorium College, he has published many books on the subject of Chaos Magic, including Liber Null (1978), Psychonaut (1982), Liber Kaos (1992), PsyberMagick (1995),The Apophenion (2008), and The Octavo (2010). As Pete’s new book, Epoch (written in collaboration with artist Matt Kabryn) is due to be launched very soon, I thought it would be a good time to ask him a few questions about life, magic, and well, Terry Pratchett…………




Anne: Hi Pete! So first off, Magic or Magick? 

Pete: Ha! Well, Crowley certainly added some interesting tantric and shamanic practices to the rather dry procedures of the Golden Dawn…

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New Article: Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

Greetings Students of Enochiana!


Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia

My new book The Essential Enochian Grimoire has finally been released!  :):):)  Have you received your copy yet?  What do you think?  😉

There are several pieces of information contained in the book that I fully expect to be controversial.  Some of it is simply obscure material that has never been published before – such as the proper design and use of the reverse side of the Holy Lamen, the little-known 92nd Part of the Earth, or the proper correlation between the four Watchtowers and the “quarters of the Earth.”  Some of it includes corrections to long-standing mistakes, – such as the fact that only three of the four Watchtower Seals was given in Dee’s journals, or an incorrect number in the circumference of the Seal of Truth, or the six names of God that were switched on the famous “Banner Diagram.


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A missa do Caos H por Phil Hine



Este curto rito pode ser usado como uma ferramenta de aterramento para encerrar algum trabalho mágico pesado. O seu objetivo é promover o riso expondo os perigos de se achar o ban-ban-ban.

Os discordianos há muito tempo identificaram Harpo Marx como um avatar contemporâneo de Harpócrates, o Deus do Silêncio. Harpo é o Senhor do Silêncio, Trikster (N. do t.: Malandro, Bufão), e Palhaço Sagrado.

(N. do T.: HARPO não fala)

O Sacerdote (MT) que manifestará HARPO poderá ser adornado com uma peruca colorida (de carnaval), cartola e uma buzina. Quaisquer outros adereços para uso do Deus poderão ser colocados no altar, tais como um espanador de pó ou uma vareta para cutucar os outros. (bombinhas)

Declaração de Intento:

“É nossa Vontade invocar HARPO, o Louco Sagrado e Lorde do Escárnio Silencioso, para que todo o glamour da magia seja disperso, e que a Anarquia Gargalhante preencha nossos…

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On Contributing to the Greater Community in Thelema


IAO131 - On Serving the Greater Community in Thelema

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Before even beginning to discuss the extent that contributing to the greater community is part of Thelema, it should be acknowledged that the “alpha and omega” of Thelema is Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. There is no law beyond doing your Will and you have no right but to do It. The answer to any question that takes the form “Is X or Y part of Thelema” is always “if it is your Will, then yes; if it is not your Will, then no.” I am not saying anyone “should” or “should not” do anything, but I am presenting an argument why contributing to the greater community is justified within the philosophy of Thelema. With that in mind, we can take a look at what Thelema implies and Crowley said about contributing to the…

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