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Discovering the “Demons” of Islam: A Crash Course in Understanding the Djinn, From Multiple Perspectives.

Diabolical Confusions

Djinn SigilWithin my own research into the world of the paranormal, I began to start digging into anything I could to find out details in regards to malevolent hauntings and/or certain spirits. And at first, myself being Roman Catholic, obviously began to look inwards to my own religion for answers, but unfortunately, the topic of demonology pre-dates even my religion. So, my answer, it seemed, was to begin digging into other faith systems. I began to start studying the Hebrew religion of Judaism, and as you could imagine, that took up quite a lot of my time. Then, however, I came across something that made me take a step back, and reassess some patterns of thoughts that I had been forming.

This article is going to be a special one, because it is going to contain contributions from people who are more familiar with certain matters of faith than I am…

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Correspondence between Enochian aires and the Valentinian aeons

Correspondence between Enochian aires and the Valentinian aeons.

Book of Shadows and Light

I’m not usually a student of Gnosticism but some people like to correlate the Valentinian gnostic aeons with the 30 Enochian aires. The gnostics believed that there were various aeons which were aspects of the divine. The aethyrs in the Valentinian tradition form male and female pairs called “syzygies”, and this name is also used in Michael Bertiaux’ system found in his Monastery of the Seven Rays / Vodoun Gnostic system.

So here’s a quick list. I have no idea where the aires’ descriptions come from, it doesn’t seem to come from the Vision and the Voice. I got it from an Enochian hierarchy page on Hermetic and I am a fan.  The Gnostic names are in Greek, because Valentinus was from Alexandria, where many people spoke Greek during that time period. I got the names and order of the aeons from Wikipedia from the common Mead / Blavatsky ‘Pistis Sophia’ that…

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Unus Deus: The Eightfold Key to Thelemic Magick


Unus Deus: The Eightfold Key to Thelemic Magick

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This essay is intended to serve as an explication for the symbols & ideas synthesized in the diagram which heads this article. This image combines the various ideas that are to be discussed and, by the end of reading this article, you should ideally be able to understand why everything in this image is there. The main thesis is that this “Eightfold Key” represents a way to unlock a certain understanding of certain rituals, symbols, and ideas in Thelemic magick.

Disclaimer: I do not pretend to believe that this Key is the “Key to all Thelemic Magick ever” or anything like that; it is only one perspective among potentially infinite. Its worth should ultimately be judged by whether it is seen to be a perspective that is useful, that simply “clicks,” that generates new ideas, that stimulates new thoughts and connections, and so…

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On Being Babalon

The Blog of Baphomet

Since the days of the wife-swapping craziness that may have soured the relationship of that dynamic duo of Edward Kelly and John Dee, the goddess Babalon has been with us. Recast as the Divine Harlot Mother in the theology of Thelema, revealed on the silver screen by Kenneth Anger and inflaming the passions of Jack Parsons, Babalon is very much alive today. Her latest high profile manifestation was in the earthly form of Katie Perry at a major sporting event in the USA. Riding on her lion-like beast her modern archetype is captured by Freida Harris, using Aleister Crowley as her muse, in their collaboration The Thoth Tarot, Atu XI ‘Lust’.

Lusty Trumpette Lusty Trumpette

I’m just starting to read Women of Babalon which looks like a really nice compilation of writings by contemporary female esoteric practitioners about The Red Goddess. Many of these are autobiographical, sometimes harrowing accounts of these women’s engagement…

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