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Goddess Temple: The Worldly Left-hand Path Consorts

The Setian Illuminati

The ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshat, she who measures temple space, is depicted with a hemp leaf in her head dress. Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1479 to 1425 B.C.E.) called her Sefkhet-Abwy (She of the seven points). Hemp was used to make measuring cords, and paper. Seshat was the Goddess of libraries, knowledge, and geomancy. She stands upon a marijuana flower bud, amidst a field of hemp bushes, with a hookah pipe, as she measures with tool, and cord. Spell 10 of the Coffin text states “Seshat opens the door of heaven for you”.


Hecate, the Goddess whose name means 100th part, most likely an homage to the seasonal sewing of seeds. She hails from Anatolia, present day Turkey. Later recognized in Greek culture, then later re-identified by the Romans as “Trivia”. Hecate’s incense is burned at crossroads, during twilight, and it is purified when the moon’s rays are shining on it…

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