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Rose Cross Ritual – Preliminary Investigation

Book of Shadows and Light

While Crowley talked a lot about what he felt the Rose Cross meant, which was polarity magic, he never really explored the Rose Cross Ritual very much. In Liber O, you’ll find instructions for the pentagram and hexagram rituals. He also wrote his own versions of them (the Star Ruby and Star Sapphire) as well as his own version of the Bornless Ritual and various other things.

In many ritual instructions, you’ll find that Crowley described the Rosy Cross, or union of the cross and the rose or circle, as a symbol of polarity magic. God and goddess, male and female, white queen and red king, all kinds of binary kabbalah. But that’s not the only way to look at it. Moreover, Crowley’s hexagram ritual – the Star Sapphire – pretty much only explores the polarity symbolism of the rose cross.

The Rose Cross Ritual does not have a polarity…

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