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Simple Introduction to Thelemic Spirituality

Magnífica introducción a la espiritualidad thelémica, por soror Harmony Pax. (En inglés)

Book of Shadows and Light

In the Western tradition, the spiritual life – or emotional and psychological growth for our atheists – has 3 stages. The first is the purgative (cleansing, destruction, or the ascending triangle of water), the second is the illuminative (anointing, creation, or the descending triangle of fire – ‘tongue of grace’), and the third is the unitive, which is that of the ineffable experience of union with the higher or more complete state.*

Or, in not so many words – ‘the gross must pass through fire, let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest’. ‘Lofty chosen ones’ is not an appeal to ego, for ‘to him that much is given, much is expected’.

These correspond to the three orders of Thelema – the hermit, the lover, and the man of earth. They also correspond to the process that we ought to go through if…

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