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Epoch Making Magic with Peter J. Carroll

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Who doesn’t want a bit of magic in their life?

If there was a ‘Magical Lifetime Achievement Award’ then the person who I think deserves to receive it is my all time favourite Arch-Mage, Peter J. Carroll. As well as being Chancellor of Arcanorium College, he has published many books on the subject of Chaos Magic, including Liber Null (1978), Psychonaut (1982), Liber Kaos (1992), PsyberMagick (1995),The Apophenion (2008), and The Octavo (2010). As Pete’s new book, Epoch (written in collaboration with artist Matt Kabryn) is due to be launched very soon, I thought it would be a good time to ask him a few questions about life, magic, and well, Terry Pratchett…………




Anne: Hi Pete! So first off, Magic or Magick? 

Pete: Ha! Well, Crowley certainly added some interesting tantric and shamanic practices to the rather dry procedures of the Golden Dawn…

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