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Starting Your Thelemic Sadhana

Book of Shadows and Light

A common question that I get is: how do I start practicing Thelema? I didn’t start practicing Thelema truly, in earnest, and with tradition-correct signs for Liber Resh etc. until 10 years after beginning to study when I started living in the same apartment as another Thelemite. This was admittedly partly due to awkwardness because I felt like I was culturally appropriating Hebrew stuff (don’t ask about the depths of my political correctness). I was doing the LBRP half-heartedly and a lot of trance and astral work, but that was about it. Heck, I didn’t even know that the Holy Books were supposed to be memorized until then.

Part 1. The Reading Part

Of course your cabala should be memorized – paths, spheres, trumps and letters. Use flash cards, use websites like , print out and color a Tree of Life, learn gematria, do this every day and it…

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